The United States is home to just about every attraction and natural landscape that one would care to visit. Mountain ranges, beaches, desert plains, bright lights and big cities are all found in the United States. Compared to other places around the United States is relatively young and the vibe through out the country is that anything is possible. The optimism and sense of national pride is evident whether you are visiting the nation’s capital of Washington D.C or clear across the other side of the country in California. Vibrant cities like Las Vegas, Nevada and New York, New York beckon visitors to come and play hard while other places like Palm Dessert, California or Phoenix, Arizona beg you to relax and unwind with luxurious spa treatments and lazy strolls through beautiful parks.

The United States is a melting pot of cultures and guests will love discovering what makes each state unique. The New England states are quaint and nostalgic. Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut and Massachusetts are filled with quaint bed and breakfasts, historical landmarks and neat locally owned seafood shops where guests can taste true New England flavor. Not far from the cozy New England region is the vibrant New York City. NYC is the “city that never sleeps.” With thousands of restaurants, incredible shopping and of course the famous “Broadway” the night life is electrifying. By day, guests can take open air bus tours of places like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building or tour the Museum of Natural Arts and History. Further south on the Atlantic Coast are places like Virginia, where the story of how America began, is told simply by traveling and making note of the national landmarks, and the Carolinas. Southern hospitality is obvious the closer you get to the Mason Dixon line and the southerners are proud to show you why you will feel at home in the south. Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana are just a few of the southern states full of charm and unique culture. Visit the Coca-Cola Center in Atlanta or enjoy true Cajun food in the Bayou of Louisiana when you discover the southern states of America.

As you venture into the heartland there are vast prairies, corn fields, and some of the friendliest people in the world. An extremely family friendly region, places like Kansas City, Kansas or Lincoln, Nebraska will be delighted to welcome you to their amusement parks, water parks and Children’s Museums. The further west you head the more you will see some amazing creations of nature. The Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone National Park are just a few of the places that outdoor adventure lovers could wish for. Ski the mountains in Colorado or back pack through Yellowstone. With several lodges and resorts in the states with national parks and recreation areas its easy to navigate the best places to see.

The United States is definitely the leader of the pack when it comes to big time amusement parks and beaches designed for fun. Grab a travel guide for Florida and be ready to make some tough choices. Florida’s beaches offer everything from family friendly beaches to beaches that seem to host one big party. Orlando, Florida is home to the Walt Disney World Resorts and Amusement Parks which literally is a city within itself. Millions of people come to Orlando for amazing, family friendly fun that truly allows fairy tales to become real, even if its just for a week. Hotels, resorts, campgrounds and even cruise ships are ready to accommodate every budget as you plan a vacation to Florida.

Whether its the wine tours of Napa Valley in California, the bright lights of Las Vegas or somewhere in between, its here for you to enjoy when you visit the United States.

The largest land mass in North America, extending from the Arctic Ocean to the north and sharing the southern border with the United States, Canada is a vibrant country that is multi-cultural. The history of Canada is similar to the United States being that it was French and English explorers that began to settle there. The French had a great impact on the earlier civilization of Canada and today the official language includes both French and English. There are currently ten provinces and three territories in Canada which is part of what makes traveling to this continent such a cultural and educational trip.

As you look at map of Canada it is obvious to see that there are many distinct regions with spectacular landscapes. When planning a visit to Canada there are a wide variety of destinations to consider. Niagara Falls is an amazing sight to see and is the wedding capital of Canada. There are many hotels, historic inns and bed and breakfasts in Niagara Falls for guests to enjoy. Canada has many romantic destinations including spa getaways in the Canadian Rockies and wine and dine vacations in Banff near Sulphur Mountain.

Quebec is a picturesque location with many family friendly attractions. Rich in history and culture guests will enjoy murals along the buildings that bring history to life and performances that are dynamic and entertaining. Majestic landscapes, gorgeous waterfalls and national parks make a trip to Quebec a completely invigorating experience.

British Columbia is a province in the west with incredible scenery and many interesting attractions for outdoor lovers. In the capital city of Vancouver enjoy the beautiful Stanley Park is a 1,000 acre forest complete with walking trails and snow capped mountains. Vancouver is also home to the sea wall located on the west side, which provides an amazing view of the ocean and Lions Gate Bridge. With an endless supply of things to do in Vancouver both indoors and out, guests will be thrilled with their choice to vacation in Vancouver. Tour bustling Chinatown, enjoy a 4×4 tour of the Canadian wilderness or take a carriage ride through downtown. Vancouver has million dollar views, public markets, unique stores and gorgeous marinas all set among fairy tale houses and beautifully manicured parks.

Toronto is the provincial capital of Ontario and is the economic center of Canada. With a mesmerizing skyline that includes the CN Tower, the tallest building in the western hemisphere, Toronto is a beautiful city of lights. With the motto “diversity is our strength” you can be assured of a wide variety of international culture is felt throughout the city. With great museums, galleries and an eclectic downtown area, Toronto is an exciting city to visit.

Whether it’s a tour of the Yukon, a stay in Calgary, Alberta or time in Montreal, Canada is a phenomenal place to tour and has many destinations that are sure to be pleasing to every guest. Each province has its’ own unique culture and style and there are many hotels, resorts and bed and breakfasts for guests to choose from as you customize your trip to Canada.

North Eastern USA Travel

Welcome to your travel guide to the North Eastern Section of the United States. In this area our writers will take you on a guided tour through the urban cities and beach communities of the Midwest, historical sites of the East Coast, and the coastal cities of New England. You’ll explore popular destinations such as Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium and Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, as well as hidden travel gems like the national parks and trails of North Dakota, and the beautiful sandy beaches along Michigan’s West Coast.

Take the time to travel with us through this great area of the United States.

South Eastern USA Travel

Welcome to Southeastern USA! We have it all – great weather, rich history, music of all kinds, diversity of food and some really friendly people.

From the conquistadors to the Gullah, Native Americans to Disney – you will love our attractions.

With its incredible history and natural beauty, the South Eastern U.S. is a fantastic place to visit. From theme parks to national historic sites, white sandy beaches to snow-topped mountains this great region offers something for everyone.

Theme park fans can enjoy a trip to Disney World, Sea World, Carowinds and Dollywood to name just a few. Tennessee visitors can visit the birthplace of country music in Nashville and the birthplace of Elvis at Graceland. Florida and Alabama offer white sand beaches and miles of coastline.Georgia’s Savannah, South Carolina’s Charleston and Lousiana’s New Orleans have spectacular cities loaded with history.

Natural wonders? Start at the Atlantic seaboard beaches, around the Gulf of Mexico through the mountains, deserts, and plains to the hills and valleys.

Love sports? We count skiing, mountain biking, hang gliding and surfing as just a few.

Want big city action? We have Miami, Dallas and more.

Come to the birthplace of bluegrass, C/W and jazz.

Fried chicken and BBQ are just some of the good eating down here.

So pack your sense of fun and come along. We want to build you a SE USA memory!

North Western USA Travel

Known as one of the most grandly scenic regions of the U.S., the North West ranges from the wild shores of Washington, Oregon and Alaska to the wilderness of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Its 15 national parks include the rain forests of Washington’s Olympic, geysers in Wyoming’s Yellowstone, and glaciers in Montana’s Glacier and Alaska’s Glacier Bay.

Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, offer everything from rose gardens and microbreweries to a vibrant open-air market and views of Mount Rainier from the Space Needle. Hiking, rafting, horseback riding, skiing, snowshoeing and dogsledding are a few Northwest activities. Whether whale watching or sampling world-class wines, luxuriating in a five-star hotel or going rustic in a yurt, discover what this unique region of the U.S. holds.

Southwest USA & Hawaii Travel

Welcome to the Southwest USA & Hawaii travel section, your window on Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California and the Hawaiian Islands.

Wander the Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountains, Pacific coast, Arizona’s and Utah’s red rock deserts, Hawaii’s rainforests and lava fields. Visit ski resorts, Native American sites, national parks such as Yosemite, Death Valley and Arches or sample the cuisine, culture and shopping in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Phoenix and Santa Fe.

Read about major attractions and quirky places off the beaten track. Check in for book reviews, news on great hotels, spas, sports activities, events and the best restaurants and bars.

Eastern Canada Travel

Perfect for a family vacation, Eastern Canada includes six provinces offering great holiday activities:

West Canada Travel

Welcome to Western Canada, an area that stretches from the province of Manitoba to the Pacific Coast of British Columbia and from the United States border to the far northern reaches of Nunavut, Yukon and Northwest Territories.

Laze on a sandy beach along the “Riviera of Canada” on Vancouver Island, ski world-class slopes in Whistler, British Columbia or Banff, Alberta; sip a latte at a sidewalk café in Edmonton, bird watch in Saskatchewan or celebrate the holidays in Winnipeg, Manitoba; the Christmas capital of Canada.

From the temperate Pacific coast across the Prairies to Manitoba and north to Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon, Western Canada encompasses a wide geographical area rich in natural and cultural heritage.

Whether you’re after rainforests, beaches, mountains, prairie skies, badlands, tundra, lush vineyards or even desert ecosystems, it’s waiting to be discovered in Western Canada.

Along the way, you’ll uncover culture as varied as the landscapes. Visit the Haida Gwaii carvers; follow the Gold Rush trail; surf Tofino’s waves; dig for dinosaur bones in Drumheller; view polar bears; or attend year-round arts and music festivals.

That’s only the beginning. Together, let’s explore Western Canada’s unique landscapes and attractions.

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