For unforgettable road trips, get off the beaten path by taking a ramble down one of America’s oldest (sometimes forgotten!) classic highways.

Route 66 is America’s most romanticized road. One of the greatest joys of this 2,000+ mile journey from Chicago to Los Angeles is the ’50s time-warp you’ll experience via the many kitschy roadside attractions, old diners, and middle-of-nowhere-motels.

One of the country’s most scenic drives, Pacific Coast Highway runs about 1,500 miles from the northwest tip of the U.S. at Olympic National Park almost all the way to the Mexican border (just minutes south of San Diego). It’s a feast for the senses, passing by (and through) forests, wilderness preserves, farmland, California wine country, and spiffy little seaside towns.

The Great River Road follows the Mississippi River from its start as a cold, tiny, crystal-clear stream in Northern Minnesota to its warm muddy merger with the Gulf of Mexico in Venice, Louisiana.

The northernmost part of what’s now U.S. Route 1 dates back to at least 1636—when it took four days to make the 100-mile journey from Philadelphia to New York City. The road now takes travelers through colonial New England all the way down to Key West, through the Old Port section of Portland, Maine; the Masonic temple in Alexandria, Virginia; the Florida Everglades; and St. Augustine, Florida—the oldest city in the U.S.

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