Enjoy luxury for less by choosing your destination carefully. From the sophistication of Santorini to Seattle’s newest boutique hotel, here are some good places to begin planning your luxury vacations.

If you’re looking for luxury in the Bahamas, settle in with a few James Bond films to do some research. The film franchise has a long history in these islands. The latest, Casino Royale, was shot on Nassau and Paradise Island.

The simple and sophisticated Cyclades Islands, especially Santorini, should be your destination if you wish to take in the Meditteranean ambiance without breaking the bank.

Few destinations beat Hong Kong for shopping options, and there are good deals to be had if you know where to look. This city’s tailors are among the best in the world.

Get a taste of classic Italian extravagance along Genoa’s Street of Gold, then settle in for a long evening sampling the cuisine of the Italian Riviera.

Save some cash but still have a luxury experience by visiting one of America’s mid-sized cities. In Seattle, drop your bags at Hotel 1000, then check out one of the excellent restaurant choices. During summer there will be cultural events going on all over town.

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