If you’re curious about eco travel, you’ve got an exploding number of choices to consider. Whether you’re keen to explore some wilderness with an ecotourism operator or would like to create your own green trip itinerary, these suggestions will get your eco-friendly wheels spinning.

Watch the water in a bioluminescent bay glimmer with an unworldly, blue-green light in Puerto Rico. Bahía Mosquito, one of the last such treasures in the world, is in the island of Vieques.

If you’d like to see the namesakes for Montana’s Glacier National Park, you’d better hop to it! Many scientists believe that some of the melting glaciers may disappear by 2030. Take a shuttle along Going-to-the-Sun Road, one of the country’s most gobsmackingly scenic routes, for views of the Continental Divide peaks, pristine lakes, and those shrinking glaciers. (If you’re lucky, you might get the rollicking “Jammer Joe” as a guide.) There are great cycling opportunities, too.

Say “Alaska” and you might start dreaming of spotting bears on the Kenai Peninsula or being awed by the mountains of Denali National Park. But also consider taking to the water, cruising along the Inside Passage to see whales, glaciers, and eagles. Do some homework to make sure your cruise ship follows ecoconscious practices.

Costa Rica has become an ecotravel poster child. The small tropical country teems with lush jungles and rare creatures like the scarlet macaw. Head to the Northern Plains to explore the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve or go on a wildlife-spotting boat tour in the Caño Nego National Refuge. Near Tortuguero, a hotspot for nesting turtles, there are terrific ecolodges like Evergreen.

Australia‘s Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s most astonishing natural wonders. The largest reef system on earth has literally thousands of species of sea life living along its vast stretches of coral. Efforts to preserve the reef have stepped up in the past decade and local businesses and dive operators work together to protect the “Blue Outback.”

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