Family vacations are a great way to spend more time with each other while having a great time. We get so busy with work, school, our activities, and our children’s activities that it seems we are all rushing in different directions at the same time.

A family vacation is a way to pull everyone closer by spending some quality time together. There are so many family vacations to choose from you may have to hold a few family meetings to decide what to do. Make sure that there is something for each family member to enjoy on the vacation. Some families go to theme parks, camping, skiing, to see historical sites, and many other adventures. It depends on the interests of your family, how long you have for your vacation, and the types of activities you enjoy doing as a family.

It is hard to have to stay in a vehicle for long periods of time regardless of how old you are. If your vacation destination is quite some distance, consider flying instead. You can also make the trip more enjoyable by stopping every few hours to stretch and walk a bit at rest areas along the way. Bring plenty of activities including games and music for the kids. Water and snacks are a good idea too in case they get hungry between meals. You can also get small movie screens to play a movie on for smaller children. Stopping for an activity somewhere along the way breaks up the driving time as well.

Since you want this to be a relaxing and enjoyable time for your family make sure everyone gets plenty of rest. Don’t over schedule your itinerary or everyone will become exhausted. We have all seen children on family vacations having a complete melt down. It is mainly due to too much activity and not enough rest. Even parents can become exhausted. Make sure you schedule key activities so you can purchase tickets in advance and then let everything else just fall into place throughout the day.

Take the kids fossil-hunting at the Grand Canyon, a classic American family destination. We have several tips for avoiding the crowds—and for finding freebies.

You can’t go wrong at Disney World. Avoiding a meltdown there is easy if you plan ahead a little—and your own enjoyment is just as important as the little ones’. The hidden Mickeys scavenger hunt is a great way to stay busy when lines get long.

With all its history and free museums and other things to do, Washington, D.C. is a no-brainer family vacation. Visit our short list of essential sights to see with kids.

There’s lots to see at Yellowstone National Park. Luckily, the many educational offerings available will help you make the most of your time. Once you’re all tired out, take a scenic drive—but keep an eye out for Bison!

From riding the cable cars to visiting the sea lions at Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco is a perfect kid-friendly destination. Check out our list of things kids love in SF. Don’t forget to have a little fun yourself with a quick daytrip outta town.

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