Welcome to your gateway to the UK, the place to find out about bars, hotels and restaurants, read exclusive travel features and get the lowdown on England. United Kingdom is a country in western Europe at the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It consists of the island of Great Britain and many small adjacent islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The landscape is flat and rolling with some uplands.

The climate is mild and wet and variable. The UK has important energy resources. Agriculture involves sheep and cattle raising and dairy farming. Forestry and fishing are also important. Tourism is a major industry.
The about 56.000.000 English live in an area of about 230.000 square kilometers. Languages spoken are English, Welsh, Gaelic and many others like Chinese and Indian.

We cover some of the world’s most exciting cities like London, Liverpool, Manchester, as well as the region’s most beautiful countryside: The Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Cornwall.

Check in for book reviews, recommendations for food and drink, the outdoors, museums, cathedrals, Royal London and quirky local hotspots throughout the British Isles.

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  • Hello: Sabaii dee
  • How much: Tao dai
  • Two: Song

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