Sweden is a country in northern Europe on the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia. Forested mountains cover the north which lies in the Arctic circle. Sweden has warm summers and cold win-ters. In the north the winters are longer and more severe. The country has natural resources like wood, minerals and water. Manufacturing industries produce planes, cars amd trucks and telecom equipment.

The population of about 8.800.000 live in an area of about 450.000 square kilometers. Languages spoken are Swedish and in the bigger cities some speak English or German.

Once the land of the dreaded Vikings and now a progressive society, Sweden has a lot of things to offer to the travelers although it’s not exactly known as one of the touristy countries in Europe. The high standard of living, beautiful architecture, scenic coastline and incredible islands are just some of the things you’ll discover in Sweden.

Although a fairly expensive country, Sweden has something to offer for everyone, no matter what your budget or travel style is. We’ve got deals on flights to Sweden and everything you need to know about accommodation. Read about the affordable hostels and luxury hotels and then book your room right on this website. Once you’ve arrived and checked in, we can help with the things to do as well. There are over 100 museums in the capital, but we can help you with information about the top 10 museums in Stockholm . And in case culture is not your thing, then we can also help choosing one of the tours to discover this interesting country.

A city of 14 islands, Stockholm’s unique layout unfolds into a seamless blend of culture and nature, housing attractions like the Nordic Museum and the Royal Palace. Castles dot Sweden’s south, while Lapland sees the Midnight Sun in summer, swapped for the Northern Lights and Polar Night in winter.

In the pages on Trifter Sweden Travel Guide, you’ll find everything you need to plan your trip to Sweden and make sure you won’t miss a thing. Looking for the best airfare? Or maybe for best eco-friendly vacation? Don’t know which museums are worth your visit? Want to learn about the Vikings? Then join us in this lovely community of Sweden enthusiast and travelers!

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