Spain is a country in Southern Europe on the Mediteranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It borders France and Portugal. It includes the Balearic and Canary islands and two encla-ves in North Africa. Much of the mainland is a high plateau with mountain ranges. The climate is Mediterranean with hot summers and cold winters. In the south it is warmer and dryer. On the coast more temperate.

Agriculture, fishing, mining, manufacturing and service are main activities. Tourism is an important industry.
The population of about 40.000.000 live in an area of about 505.000 square kilometers. Languages spoken are Spanish, Catalan, Galician and Basque. In the tourist areas many speak German and Englsih.

Spain is one of those countries that is not just enticing to visitors, it’s also very travel-friendly. With amazing historic monuments, miles of gorgeous beaches, exciting cities, fantastic food and wine, and an incredibly warm local population, there’s no reason Spain shouldn’t be on your list of places to go. And with Trifter Spain Travel Guide, you can make sure your visit is the best it can possibly be.

From the mile upon mile of golden beaches that line its Mediterranean coast to the dazzling architecture of the Guggenheim Bilbao – the building that began the whole trend of architectural tourism – and from the Arabic influences in old Andalucía to the Catalonian charm of Barcelona, Spain has something for every traveler’s tastes. And speaking of tastes, don’t forget Spain’s legendary foods and wines. Explore this enchanting country, along with its two sets of idyllic islands — the Canaries and the Balearics — through these articles to discover its best beaches, most spectacular scenery, hidden historic treasures and rich culture.

When not indulging in midday siestas (all the better for late-night partying) or bull runs (all the better for bragging rights), visitors absorb Barcelona’s Gaudí legacy and Madrid’s art offerings. For some, sangria and tapas comprise Spain’s most essential contributions—besides Picasso, of course.

You have several options for flying into the country, but we will help you find the best deals on Spain airfare so that you have more money left over to spend when you get there. There are accommodation options to fit every budget and travel style, too – including high-end hotels, backpacker hostels, and even the very Spanish “hostal” – and we’ll not only give you all the information you need to let you choose the right accommodation for your trip, we’ll also make it easy to book your accommodation right here. We’ll even show you the kinds of Spain tours you can take, from the city-based tours that help you discover each city’s main attrctions, to the longer tours that cover entire regions or focus on specific interests like wine or history.

If you’d prefer to organize your whole trip youself, Trifter Spain Travel Guide can help you do that, too. We’ve got information about the museums in Spain – some of which are world famous. You’ll find shopping tips here, if you’re one of those travelers who’s brought an extra suitcase with you. We’ll point you to the country’s best beaches, from the party-hearty island of Ibiza to the closer-to-Africa-than-Spain Canary Islands to the closer-to-home Costa del Sol or Costa Brava. And even if you’re sticking to the cities, you can’t go wrong with top-notch tourist destinations like Madrid or Barcelona.

The good news is that there’s something for everyone in Spain, and we’ve got you covered with Trifter Spain Travel Guide.

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