Russia is the largest country in the world. It borders 13 countries to the west and south and has long coastlines on the Arctic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. This Eurasian nation extends from eastern Europe to the Pacific Ocean. Russia is among the world’s top tourist destinations. The climate and vegetation range between the Arctic tundra in the north and the steppe towards the Black and Caspian Sea coasts. In general the climate is extreme continen-tal.

The economy is dependent on exploitation of its vast mineral resources. Russia is a major producer of oil, natural gas, coal, steel, machinery, chemicals and textiles.

In Russia live about 130.000.000 people in an area of about 18.000.000 square kilome-ters. The main langue is Russian with Tater and Ukraine as dialects. Only in the large cities some English and German is spoken.

A country rich in history and culture, Russia is a popular vacation destination for visitors from across the globe. Although travel to this country may not be as easy as others- foreign visitors are required to get a visa- tourism is growing due to the beauty of both the cities and landscape. While the sights in Moscow and St. Petersburg make them two of the more popular places to visit, tourists looking for something different may want to try a train trip on the Trans-Siberian railroad, or a tour through the Siberian steppe.

The largest country in the world has plenty of things to do, and there is no shortage of impressive places to sightsee at such as the Red Square. St. Basil’s Cathedral also draws in many visitors as its onion domes are some of the most iconic pieces of architecture in Russia. The cuisine is exquisite as well- whether you want caviar or vodka, finding a restaurant to suit your taste should be easy.

Outside of the cities, the natural beauty of the countryside also offers some trip ideas. A boat cruise down the Volga River or a excursion to one of the many palaces’ botanical gardens provides an escape from the ongoing rush of the city.

Russia Travel Guide features information on touring St. Petersburg, visiting Red Square in Moscow, attending the White Nights Festival in St. Petersburg and suggestions for taking a trans-Siberian train ride. You’ll also find tips for touring Moscow on a budget, advice for shopping in Moscow, along with information on touring the polar alpine botanical gardens of Kirovsk.

So whether you are planning a cosmopolitan rendezvous or a bucolic getaway, Russia provides many different amenities to accommodate visitors.

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