Romania is a country located in East Central Europe. It borders Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, and Serbia. Mountains seperate the Transylvanian plateau from the populous plains in the east and south of the Danube Delta. Once known as the Paris of the East, the capital of Romania, Bucharest, underwent enormous change under the Ceausescu regime with the construction of some enormous palaces and monuments to his vanity.

Today, the Romanian capital is thriving and vibrant, offering a diverse experience to the visiting tourist, but there is much more to discover away from the capital.

Romania in Europe in a very different tourist destination and is very unlike rest of Europe. Romania has great scenic beauty in the form of mountains and lush vegetation. Much parts of Romania seem untouched by the developing world. Romania also presents to tourist with old monuments, medieval towns, majestic castles and architecture.

The climate is continental. Romania is rich in fuels and metallic ore making mining and manufacturing important. Agriculture is also important.

The population of about 22.800.000 people live in an area of about 238.000 square kilometers and languages spoken are Romanian and Hungarian, only a few speak some English or German.

Romania is a wonderful land of extremes. Stiflingly hot during the summer, freezing cold during the winter. A land where an obscene amount of wealth is locked into the hands of a tiny number of people, a land where poverty is ubiquitous. Romania is where the Western world ends, and where the Slavic East begins. The last territory to be incorporated in to the Roman Empire, when Rome comprehended the fairest part of the Earth, and the most civilised portion of mankind, and the first to be left to its fate. Two thousand years on Romania now looks to join the European Union: another empire born of a Treaty of Rome.

Shrouded in images of Dracula’s blood-soaked Transylvania and the supernatural Carpathian Mountains, Romania is a medieval beauty. Painted monasteries and cemeteries dot the countryside, and at least one castle lays claim to the Dracula legend. Forests of storybook turrets contradict cosmopolitan avenues of Bucharest, but the two worlds coexist—just as they do in fairytales.

For the traveller Romania offers many things. The opportunity to see genuinely wonderful places, to meet wonderful people, to experience the last frontier-land in Europe.

Trifter has online guides to a multitude of cities in this endlessly fascinating country, not least of all the capital Bucharest.

But Romania is a whole lot more than the capital: Brasov and Poiana Brasov both have much to offer. Enjoy.

Any tourist planning to visit Romania for the first time should have a fair idea about Romania that he can get from Romanian travel guide online. Discussed below are some handy tips that may serve as good information for anyone looking for Romanian travel guide.

Best time to visit Romania

The best time to visit Romania is during the months of May to June and from September to October. Visiting Romania during this time would give the tourist maximum chance to get exposure towards the ancient monuments as tourists are less.

Currency Information

The currency used in Romania is the Romanian Leu. It is recommended that tourists should get current exchange rates before their journey. Make sure to carry credit cards as they are accepted everywhere and will save you the hassle of exchanges.

Popular cities and attractions in Romania

Popular cities in Romania include Bucharest, Baia Mare, Cluj-Napoca, Sinaia, Brasov, Sibiu and Alba Iulia. Some most popular attractions that are a must see in Romania are The Black Sea Coast, Timisoara, Bucarest, Danube Delta, Fagaras Mountains, Scornicesti.

Before planning a tour to Romania, be sure to refer as many online Romania travel guide as possible and carry Romanian travel maps to get the best out of your tour.

Head for the hills to Transylvania and the castles, churches and painted monasteries, or down to the Black Sea at Constanta for some beach action. Romania’s skiing offer is improving every year, and time should also be found to sample some of the country’s excellent wines.

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