Portugal is a country in southern Europe on the Atlantic Ocean and the western part of the Iberian peninsula. It borders with Spain in the north and east. The climate in the north is cool and moist, the south is warmer with mild dry winters. Mining and manufacturing are the main industrial sectors. Tourism is important.

The population of about 9.900.000 live in an area of about 89.000 square kilometers. Languages spoken are Portuguese and in major cities some English.

Largely bypassed by travelers and writers of the Grand Tour era, Portugal remained a forgotten corner of Europe until the late 20th century. Then, travelers who had “been there, done that” discovered Portugal, and found there the unspoiled Europe they thought they were born too late to see. Of course Portugal has embraced the modern world since then, and Lisbon is one of Europe’s most dazzling cities, with buildings by the greatest contemporary architects, a new cruise port in the heart of the city and some of Europe’s most acclaimed chefs. But Lisbon – and the rest of Portugal — has not lost the charm, grace and infinite beauty that those earlier travelers found. And the new international attention has allowed them to preserve restore priceless historic sites and artistic treasures.

For Portugal’s famous export, port wine, head for the northern city of Porto. Further south, Lisbon displays vibrant culture through colorful tiles and Belém monuments, while off the mainland, Madeira provides a high-class getaway, and the Azores astound with ornate architecture and volcanic terrain.

Whatever you need for your upcoming trip to Portugal, you will find it here, along with tidbits about Portugal food and wine, the Portugal language, and what makes Portugal culture so special. We have information about how to find cheap flights to Portugal, where to stay once you get there, and what to do with your vacation time. This is the guide for both travelers to Portugal and Portugal enthusiasts!

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