Norway is a country in northern Europe on the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. Its extensive coastline is indented with fjords and fringed with many islands. Inland the terrain is mountainous with forests and lakes.
The climate on the west coast is modified by the North Atlantic Drift. Inland summers are warmer and winters colder.

It has vast petroleum and natural gas resources in the North Sea. Other products are fish, timber and minerals. Tourism is important.

The about 4.500.000 Norwegians live in an area of about 324.000 square kilometers and language spoken is Norwegian. In larger cities some speak English.

Though often associated with plundering Vikings and an arctic chill, Norway boasts phenomena bright enough to entice travelers year-round. Summer brings 24-hour sunshine and midnight tee times to the country’s north, and on winter nights, visitors venture outside for Northern Lights displays. By day, western fjords beckon, along with maritime traditions and hearty Nordic cuisine.

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