Montenegro is a country in southern Europe on the Adriatic Sea. It borders Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovinia, Serbia and Albania. The climate is continental with cold winters and hot, wet summers. Languages spoken are Serbian, Serbo-Croation and Albanian.

Named after the forbidding view of towering black mountains that the Venetians spotted from their ships, Montenegro is a tiny country but very bumpy housing less people than in Glasgow – yet with so much good stuff on offer.

With a stunning coastline, Venetian-built medieval cities and fortresses, huge mountain ranges and Europe’s most impressive bay, Montenegro has it all.

Podgorica, the capital city of this new state, has some areas looking a bit like a Chinese boom town, as the heart of this deliciously different and practically unknown Balkan city is transformed from what was a calm backwater into a gleaming new metropolis.

The gem of the Montenegrin coastline is undoubtedly Kotor, with its charming Unesco-listed old town hid in a corner of a dazzlingly beautiful bay.

Read everything about it in the Trifter Montenegro Travel Guide.

Enjoy Montenegro.

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