Moldova is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe. It borders Romania and the Ukraine. The capital city is Chisinau; it’s home to a number of museums and a World War II memorial, and the Central Market is a popular tourist attraction. Moldova consists of hilly steppe land, drained by the Prut and Dnestr rivers; the latter privides access to the Black Sea through Ukrainian territory. Moldova has long hot summers and mild winters.

The economy is mainly based on agriculture. Food processing and textiles are also important.
The about 4.400.000 Moldovians live in an area of about 34.000 square kilometers and langauges spoken are Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian and Gagauz.

Moldova Travel features articles on political and social turbulence and its impact on travelers.

Moldova is known for its wine and the republic is home to the world’s largest underground wine cellars, including the Cricova, Cojusna and the Milestii Mici wine cellar. Moldova is also the site of many monasteries, including Hincu, Capriana and the Hirjeuca monastery.

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