A visit to Europe is incomplete without a visit to Luxembourg. It is like a fairy tale coming here and it is a land of pleasures and fantasy. This is a land that has tales of dynasties, counts, victories, wars, fortresses, and also promontories.

Luxembourg spans over an area of 2586 sq km and is a fascinatingly diverse region. With the lush green highlands and the majestic valleys the entire travel here is filled with a kind of fascinating memories. With the northern Ardennes making a great background here, the ancientness of the land is what attracts tourists to this part of the world. The entire region is filled with an ancient look that makes travels here very interesting and enchanting.


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Visit the town of Metternich from Luxembourg and enjoy the picturesque surroundings and the beautiful ambience of this intensely romantic region.

Then you have Vianden which is a just a short distance away from the city of Luxembourg. There is also the lovely Moselle Valley that has lovely hamlets and vineyards which dot the entire region. Then of course there are the rolling expanse of farmlands that dot the whole region. With the pastel shaded houses and the beautiful medieval hills, the castles here are really an enchanting sight.

Luxembourg is famous for the German and French cuisine which is a favourite of tourists here. Judd Mat Gaardebounen is the national dish here. People love to eat the liewekniddeen mat asuerkrat, the ferkelsrippchen or grilled spare ribs, and the cooked cheese called Kachke.

In Luxemburg you have the pleasure of having beer here so have Mousel, Deikirch and Simon Pils all of which are the popular beer brands here. Wine also is s a special fare here and it is interesting to see people enjoying this environment here. The Government has put a ban on smoking during dining horse and in restaurants.

There is a small little beautiful town that is very near the beautiful city of Luxembourg and is found hidden in the River Clerve Valley. This is a great tourist attraction and is a must see in tours to this part of the world. It might not have the most gracious tourist pleasures but it does help visitors to get to know the place better. Clervaux has the photographic exhibition here on a continuous basis. Visitors from across the world come here and enjoy the simple pleasures of being in a fascinating land.

You can also see the chanting monks who are a very common sight in Luxemburg. Then there is the Moselle Valley which is around half an hour from Luxembog and is a place where you would get to see the finest wine regions. Come in Luxemburg and enjoy the sight of the hamlets and towns lying along the Route du vin and enjoy the pleasures of the lovely city of Remich.

The Moselle Valley

The Moselle Valley is a region in north-eastern France, south-western Germany, and eastern Luxembourg

Luxembourg is like a story book. More than 1000 years old, and recognized by World Heritage, this is a charming place and is many a time called as a composite structure of the new and the old. You have the Philharmonie here and the glossy art gallery and magnificent new structures that have shown the city as the European Capital of Culture in the year 2007.

In Luxemburg there are many state of the art museums, Michelin starred restaurants, and chic boutiques which make sights here greatly interesting and memorable. There are valleys that surround this region and also many gorges with steep sides. For many centuries these gorges held the defence of the country but today they are filled with visitors who feel proud to own a vista , parkland or such neighborhoods here. Clausen and Grund are two neighborhoods which are a great sight to see in travels here.

The cobbled streets of Luxembourg are very much an attraction for the newcomer in Luxemburg and it is a great experience to walk around the Chemin de la Corniche which is one of the best European balconies. From here one can enjoy the land and learn about the history of this place.

Luxembourg attractions

Tourist trains and locomotives are a convenient way to see Luxembourg’s many attractions. Image Source: visitluxembourg.com

Then you have Kirchberg which is another great showpiece. Luxembourg city is a great place with equally important cities.

Come in Luxembourg, enjoy your tours and bask in the glory of an ancient land. With all its sights and beautiful travel experiences, Luxembourg is a wonderful place to visit in this part of Europe.