Latvia is a country in Eastern Europe which lies on the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Riga. In between Lithuania and Estonia on the coast of the Baltic Sea, Latvia also borders on Russia and Belarus inland. Latvia’s varied geography and long history offer a variety of travel experiences, from sand and fun on the beaches, to exploring castles and UNESCO world heritage sites, to trying on the nightlife of Riga.

The land is flat near the coast but hilly with woods and lakes more inland. The country has a modified continental climate. Crop and livestock farming are important. Industry is varied but specialised products include telephone, diesel trains, busses and paper.

The population of about 3.500.000 Latvians live in an area of about 64.000 square kilometers. Languages spoken are Latvian and Russian. In Riga only a few speak some English or German.

A partial biosphere reserve, Latvia’s Baltic coastline draws many visitors, while others head for the country’s saunas. Castles and churches comprise the landscape, along with the Jugendstil architecture of lively capital city Riga. Days are routinely ended with a full stomach—of bread and beer.

As autumn leaves begin carpeting the damp ground and beer tents are packed away for the season, it dawns on the citizens of Riga that nearly six months of darkness are looming on the horizon. But it’s hard to complain about the weather given the fantastically warm summer we just experienced. After all, people were walking around town in t-shirts and shorts or sunning themselves at the beach as September came to a close. That’s no mean feat in this northern nation on the frosty Baltic. Global warming might be a scourge to other countries, but for now, Latvia is reaping the benefits.

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