Italy is a country in Southern Europe that occupies a peninsula that juts out into the Mediterranean Sea. It includes the main islands of Sicily and Sardinia and about 70 smaller islands in the surrounding seas. Italy is mountainous and dominated by the Alps in the North and the Apennines which run in full length of the peninsula. Italy has a Mediterranean climate with war, dry summers and mild winters. Sicily and Sardinia are warmer and drier than the mainland.

Italy has a failrly diversified Industry. Tourism is important with 25 million visitors a year. The Italian population of about 58.000.000 live in an area of about 302.000 square kilometers and languages spoken are Italian and in bigger cities some German, French and English.

Italy routinely inspires sighs and wistful looks, either of memorable trips taken in years past or about the dream trip you hope one day to make. This is a country full to overflowing with way more than its fair share of the world’s great art, architecture, history, culture, fashion, and (perhaps most importantly) food and wine. The good news is that the Italians are generous about their good fortune, and quite willing to share the spoils with travelers.

Throughout the pages of Trifter Italy Travel Guide you’ll find everything you’ll need to plan that dream trip to Italy – whether it’s your first or your fifteenth. We’ve got the low-down on cheap airfare to Italy, information and booking services for hotels and hostels (not to mention rental villas and agriturismo properties as well), and details about transportation in Italy, from car rentals to train travel.

Then, once you’ve got the basics covered, Trifter Italy delivers visitor information for the country’s most popoular destinations – like Venice, Rome, and Florence – as well as some of the more off-the-beaten-path sights as well. We’ll give you an overview of the second national religion, Italian soccer. We’ll cover some of the idiosyncrasies of the Italian language. And then, because you’ve got to eat (and because we’re obsessed with the cuisine), we’ll tell you all you’d need to know about Italian food. Our goal is to pass on some of the passion we have for Italy to you, and not only help out with the practical stuff but with the inspirational stuff as well. Italy is meant to be savored, and we hope Trifter Italy Travel Guide can help you do just that.

For romance, there’s Venice; for history, there’s Rome; for art, there’s Florence; for wine, there’s Tuscany; and for food, well, there’s Italy. No matter what your interest, there’s a city to satisfy you with such storied sights as the Roman Colosseum, Florence’s “David,” or the Venetian canals.

Italy, this beautiful land that extends like a boot out into the Mediterranean is so much more than the Leaning Tower and gondolas that make up its travel poster image. From the snow-covered Dolomites in the North to its golden beaches in the South, past its vineyards, castle-crowned hilltops, glorious cities, poppy-spattered meadows and Medieval villages, Italy is so glorious in its excesses and so rich in its treasures that however much is written spoken, even sung about it, there is more to tell. Follow these pages to learn its secrets and share its pleasures.

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