Iceland is an island in northwest Europe in the Atlantic Ocean, near the Arctic Circle. It consists mainly of a plateau of basalt lava flows. Many of its 210 vulcanoes are active, there are geysers and hot springs. About 10% of the country is covered by icecaps.

Only coastal lowlands can be cultivated and settled and most of the population live in the Reykjavik area. The climate is fairly mild. Economy is depending on fishing and fish processing. Agriculture involves sheep and dairy farming.

Tourism is growing in importance. The about 270.000 people in Iceland live in an area of about 40.000 square kilometers. Languages spoken are Icelandic and in tourist areas English.

Upon setting foot in this storied land, you’ll find those igloo stereotypes replaced by afternoon swims in the Blue Lagoon and raucous evenings in Reykjavik’s nightclubs. Among the country’s natural wonders are the rushing waters of Gullfoss, the radiant Northern Lights, and the Golden Circle route.

Visit geysers, glaciers and hot springs, go whale -watching or party in Reykjavik, the small and trendy capital of Iceland.

Whatever you need for your upcoming trip to Iceland, you will find it here, along with information on Iceland hotels and transportation, insider tips on things to do, and recommendations for the best dining and nightlife in Iceland, no matter what your budget. We have information about how to find cheap flights to Iceland, where to stay once you get there, and what to do with your vacation time. This is the guide for both travelers to Iceland and Iceland enthusiasts!

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