Hungary is a landlocked country in central Europe which borders Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia and Serbia. The Danube River flows North-South through Central Hungary. The climate is continental, with warm summers and cold winters. Rainfall is fairly evely distributed throughout the year. Hungary has a predominantly industrial economy. Main products are metals, machinery, transport equipment, textiles, chemicals and food products.

The about 10.300.000 Hungarians live in an area of about 93.000 square kilometers. Languages spoken are Hungarian, Romany, German and Slovak.

Why not visit one of Hungary’s hidden treasures such as the beautiful peninsula of Tihany (pictured) at Lake Balaton, Central Europe’s largest lake?

Or take a day trip by riverboat or train to the beautiful baroque town of Szentendre, a picturesque artists’ retreat with Serbian origins that’s just 19km north of Budapest.

Whether you’re coming to Hungary to live it up for the weekend or simply to live, Trifter provides a comprehensive guide to staying in Central Europe’s most exciting nation, with independent reviews of all that Budapest and the surrounding area has to offer.

Few cities in Europe can match the magnificence of Budapest, with the imperious buildings on the hills of Buda overlooking bustling Pest, separated by the majestic Danube.

The Hungarian capital is cultural, historical and gastronomic delight, but there is much more to Hungary than its multi-cultural capital. Germans have been spending their summers for years at Lake Balaton, while wine lovers are heading to Eger in increasing numbers. For a country that was until recently at the very heart of the Austro-Hungarian empire, there is a wealth of historical attractions awaiting the curious visitor.

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