Germany is a country in Western Europe on the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. It includes the Southern part of the Jutland peninsula and the Frisian islands. Behind the coastline is the North German plain. The central highlands are a belt of forested hills and plateaus. Further south the land rises to mountains with the Alps in the southeast.

The climate is temperate with continental conditions in the east where the winters are colder.
Germany is one of the largest industrial economies of the world and it also has a large service iand tourism industry. The about 82.000.000 inhabitants live in an area of about 358.000 square kilometers. The language spoken is German.

Germany offers visitors great value for money with excellent hotels and attractions at far lower prices than many other West European destinations. Berlin is the third most popular city to visit in Europe with hip hotels and art galleries, excellent museums, and vibrant nightlife. Bavaria is for many travelers the essential Germany but our writers visit so much more – we love Munich and Disney-like Neuschwanstein castle but also beach resorts in the far north, Rhine River cruises, and romantic small towns. We save at outlet shops and enjoy beer everywhere.

Germany is no longer divided into East and West, but it’s often seen in terms of north and south. Oktoberfest, Munich, Bavaria, and Neuschwanstein offer tastes of the traditional south. In the north, Berlin reveals a glimpse of its torn past with Checkpoint Charlie and remnants of the Wall.

With the toppling of the divisive Wall to the musical accompaniment of David Hasselhoff, Germany has emerged from the 20th century as a new country.

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