Finland is a country in northern Europe on the Gulf of Bothnia and the Gulf of Finland. It is low-lying apart from mountainous areas in the north-west. Only 8 percent of the land is cultivated. Summers are short and warm, winters are long and severe. Most people live in the southern part of the country or along the coast. The industry is forest based and account for one third of the export. It is a highly industrialized country.

The population of about 5.100.000 live in an area of about 339.000 square kilometers. Languages spoken are Finnish and Swedish and in the bigger cities some English and German.

Finland thrives on its natural resources: a land of forested grounds and waters dense with fish. During winter’s short days, this Scandinavian country glistens with snow, encouraging kicksledding and ice-hole swimming. Summer ushers in a new landscape of festivals, hiking paths, and waterways.

See the Northern Lights, spend a night under the Midnight Sun, shop for Finnish design, go bar-hopping in Helsinki or rent a cottage by a lake.

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Helpful words to get you started:

  • Hello: Sabaii dee
  • How much: Tao dai
  • Two: Song

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