Estonia is a country in eastern Europe on the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea. The land – one third of which is forested – is generally low-lying with many lakes. The climate is temperate. About one third of the Estonians live in the capital Tallinn. Agriculture is limited. Forests and oil-shale deposits are the main natural resources. The population of about 1.700.000 people live in an area of about 46.000 square kilometers. Languages spoken are Estonian and Russian.

Emerging from its Soviet past, the latest occupation which has also included German and Swedish rule, Estonia has plenty to offer the visitor, despite being the smallest of the three Baltic countries.

Known for its centuries-old struggle against Soviet occupation, Estonia emerged from the Russian shadow to build its own national identity. Capital city Tallinn’s old town has been deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site, establishing this country as a top destination for the intrepid European trekker.

The main draw of course is Tallinn, a delightful medieval capital with a distinctly modern outlook. Lovers of nature can head to the long sandy beaches and numerous national parks, while lovers of history and architecture has a wealth of choice from Tallinn’s historic Old Town to treasures such as the 13th Century castle at Kuressaare on the largest of Estonia’s islands.

If you want to experience the Estonian autumn, the rule is: Hurry! From October the clock starts ticking, and you never know whether the first snows of winter will come then, in November, in December, or tomorrow. Seeing Estonia during this season, when the air is crisp and the forests are in full colour, is well worth the trip.

In Tallinn, the tourist season has wound down considerably, leaving visitors more room to explore the medieval streets at leisure. Another bonus is that the concert season is back from its summer break, and the cultural calendar is full. Estonia’s university town, Tartu, is also coming back to life with sun-tanned students returning from the beaches and heading back into class. Be sure to check our Tartu pages to see the hippest of the hip places to go in that historic town.

And there are plenty of other places to visit in Estonia this time of year – Otepää, with its ski resorts, is about to emerge as a seasonal hotspot as soon as the weather allows. Narva, at the Russian border, provides a look at a different kind of Estonian experience, and even the summer resort towns of Pärnu and Haapsalu, where the beaches might be closed, the health spas and historic homes are still just as attractive as they are throughout the rest of the year.

Whichever of these destinations strikes your fancy, we’ve got all the information you need right here, just a few clicks away. So book your tickets, grab a coat and get over to this unique little country as soon as you can.

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