Welcome to Trifter Croatia, your Croatia Travel Guide! Cancel your appointments, re- route your travel plans, abandon the children: the Croatian coast is an absolute wonder to behold and if you miss the experience we’ll call yours a life wasted! Croatia is a country in southern Europe on the Adriatic Sea. The country has a long coastline and many offshore islands.

The coastal strip has limestone ridges, central parts around Zagreb are hilly, while in the east Slavonia is a lowland plain. Coastal areas have a Mediterranean climate, inlands area colder and wetter.

Croatia has a strong agricultural and indus-trial industry, tourism is also important. The about 4.500.000 people in Croatia live in an area of about 56.000 square kilometers.

Languages spoken are Croatian and in tourist areas German and English.

Croatia may no longer be the best kept secret in Europe, but visitors are still transported by the miles of stunning Adriatic coastline – not to mention the countless gorgeous beaches just off the mainland – and the country’s many charming villages and historic landmarks. And even though Croatia vacations are more popular recently, traveling to and within Croatia is cheaper by comparison than much of Western Europe, which is always a good thing.

No matter your travel style or travel budget, a trip to Croatia will suit you. We’ve got deals on airfare to Croatia to get you started, and the accommodation options in the country (all of which you can read about and book right here) vary from cheap hostels and mid-range hotels to luxury resorts along the Adriatic. Then, once you’re in Croatia, we can help you figure out how to spend your time. There are glorious national parks to check out, Roman ruins and other historic spots, all kinds of water sports to try, and you can’t forget those famous beaches!

In the pages of Trifter Croatia Travel Guide, you’ll find everything you need to plan your trip to Croatia from scratch and make it the most memorable and fun-filled adventure it can be. On the hunt for the best deals on plane tickets? Searching for the inside scoop on the best hotels or hostels in Split? Want to know how to navigate the local culture and find the hidden gems most guidebooks skip? Looking for restaurant reviews in Dubrovnik? Trying to figure out which of the gajillion islands you should visit with a limited amount of time? All you have to do is aim your compass toward the Adriatic and join us in this community of Croatia lovers and travelers!

August is hot, hot, hot down by the sea. Tourists bring sleepy villages to life. Clubs, bars and fish restaurants are packed to the gills. If you get bored of searching for towel space on the beach, head off the beaten track to find your own private paradise, far from the madding crowd. Find out what’s where down on the coast on our Zadar and Rijeka pages. If Central European charm is more your cup of tea – or if you just happen to be passing through – click onto Zagreb to find out what’s going on.

With its inviting coastline and 1185 islands, it is easy to assume that Croatia is all about the coast. Hot destination islands such as Hvar, Korcula, Vis and Brac receive high tourism traffic, and deservedly so, but there is much more to Croatia than the beach.

The Istrian peninsula has a wealth of beauty and some of the world’s finest truffles; the pick of the country’s natural beauty is arguable Plitvice Lakes; and for history and tradition, the walled towns and palaces in Dubrovnik, Split and Sibenik (to name but three) all contain UNESCO-protected treasures.

Boasting mild temperatures and Mediterranean shores, Dubrovnik is the first stop for many travelers venturing to Croatia. Those not content to while away hours on the city’s rocky beaches or medieval walls can roam its cultural points of interest, venture to lively capital city Zagreb, or follow the islands of the Adriatic Sea through Dalmatia and into the north’s forested countryside.


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