Belgium is a country situated in western Europe on the North Sea coast. Beyond low sand dunes and a narrow belt of reclaimed land are fertile plains which extends to the forrested Ardennes plateaus in the southeast, Belgium has mild winters and cool sum-mers. The country is densely populated and has a highly urbanized population. The economy is based on trade, industry and services.

The are about 10.100.000 Belgians living in an area of about 30.500 square kilometers. Languages spoken are Flemish (Dutch dialect), Wallonian (French dialect) and a German dialect and also many other languages like English, Italian and Turkish can be heard.

As the center of the European Union and the European Parliament, Belgium may seem the epitome of staid government dealings—until you discover the Belgian Center for Comic Strip Art and the peeing-boy statue of Manneken Pis. Of course, there’s also that Belgian beer to end each day appropriately.

Belgium is a joy to visit. The kingdom may have a split personality – half French, half Flemish, and Brussels never sure where, or if, it belongs but visitors will find all parts of the country inviting with historic sights and a fairly laid-back attitude to life.

Brussels is the political capital of Europe and famous for its Grand Place, friendly pubs, and fantastic chocolates. Waterloo and the trenches of the First World War remind that European powers fought their battles in Belgium for centuries. Time stood still in Bruges while nearby Ghent is almost as beautiful but a living city where locals easily outnumber visitors. Belgian beers are world renown; Belgian food is excellent too – often French cooking, German portions.

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