Belarus is a landlocked country in eastern Europe, bordered by Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine and Poland. The capital city is Minsk. Belarus consits of low hills and forrested plains, with many lakes, rivers and in the south many extensive marshes. Agriculture contributes a third to the national income with beef cattle and grains as the major products. Also important are machinery, crude steel, computers and watches.

The about 11.000.000 Belarussians live in an area of about 208.000 square kilometers and languages spoken are Belarussian, Russian and Ukrainian.

Ah, Belarus! Stuck in the 1980s … ruled by a dictator with a cheesy moustache … 23% radioactive … what’s not to love? Not that being ‘The Land that Time Forgot’ doesn’t have its advantages. After all, the country managed to avoid the ugly Wild-East capitalist boom that Russia suffered, and the capital is still as clean and orderly as any propaganda poster.

Belarus Travel features information on visa requirements. Popular destinations include the Belavezhskaja Puschcha National Park, Minsk’s botanical gardens, and the many ancient castles in Mir, Lida, Nyasvizh and Zaslaue. There are also a number of churches and cathedrals in Belarus.

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