Austria is a landlocked country in central Europe; it borders the Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Two thirds of the country lies within the Alps, the only lowlands are in the east and contain almost all the agricultural land and most of the population. Austria has a large forrested area, minerals and fast flowing rivers for hydroelectric power.

The climat varies according to altitude, but in general summers are warm and winters cold with heavy snowfall. Heavy industry, food products, vehicles and paper as well as tourism are important.

The 8.000.000 inhabitants live in an area of about 84.000 square kilometers. Languages spoken are German, Serbo-Croat and Turkish, in cities also some English.

Travel Austria Guide will introduce you to the beautiful European country which is an ideal place to spend holidays in, including family holiday.

Austria, or the Republik Österreich, is a country of exceptional beauty with its snow-capped mountains, placid lakes and green valleys, ancient castles and majestic baroque palaces. When you travel Austria, you’ll be charmed with its delicious cuisine, joyful festivals, distinguished musical traditions and friendly people. Austria has treats to every taste or budget.

The imperial past of the land is reflected in its rich cultural heritage. When you travel Austria, you’ll find that numerous museums, galleries and libraries boast world-renowned collections of masterpieces belonging to different periods of art in Austria and the buildings themselves are often splendid samples of most important styles in architecture of Austria.

Cosmopolitan Vienna, romantic Salzburg and historical Graz offer a great number of attractions for tourists who travel Austria.

Alpenzoo of Innsbruck is the highest in Europe as it is situated 727 meters above the sea-level, and the mountain slopes are carved by sportsmen from all over the world, including the participants of Winter Olympics that this ski capital has twice housed. On the whole, Austria has a lot of hot things to do in the cold season.

Mozart’s hometown, Salzburg is famous for its grand festival attracting thousands of musicians and music lovers from different countries, and Strauss waltzes invite elegantly dressed Damen and Herren to the dance floors during Vienna Balls.

Summer is actually the time for all kinds of festivals in Austria, and for two months the country immerses into endless celebrations that you will surely be glad to join. So, this might be an alternative to package holidays Florida when your are looking for culturally rich entertainment.

Captivating sceneries are breath-taking any time of the year, yet our overview of weather in Austria will help you get a general notion of what to expect during particular seasons.

Classical traditions are combined with modern engineering achievements in the country so getting to Austria, moving around Austria or finding a hotel in Austria will not be a problem even with most fastidious travelers. The country’s established infrastructure also makes it a popular choice among the places to buy timeshare in Europe. There are some terrific resort properties available here that offer a more unique experience than many other European countries.

The land is widely-known for its great specialties, adopted from neighboring countries at the centuries of Habsburg rule, so eating and drinking in Austria can become a kind of a cultural event on its own.

However, our site has more recommendations as to best places worth visiting in Austria that will never leave you indifferent.

Before you set off on journey, it is a good idea to get acquainted with the history of Austria, which will let you understand the land’s spirit and character and appreciate its achievements higher.

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Europe’s opulent royal past is nowhere more evident than in Vienna. The Schloss Schönbrunn, Imperial Palace, Belvedere Palace, and elite Spanish Riding School evoke the Old World prestige of imperial times. Outside Austria’s capital, high-class culture blossoms within Salzburg, Mozart’s birthplace.

Visitors to Austria can enjoy spectacular natural beauty, history, and culture. The Alps attract visitors year round with some of the best skiing in Europe and endless hiking opportunities in summer. Vienna is famous for its coffee shops, superb museums and art galleries, live music – not necessarily classical, historic buildings, and high quality of life. Salzburg is not only beautiful and beautifully located but also justifiably popular for its association with Mozart (and The Sound of Music, even if the locals don’t get it). When traveling to smaller rural towns such as Hallstatt and Zell am See visitors often feel like being in a living postcard – Austria is that beautiful.

We hope that on reading the articles of our site you won’t have doubts any more as whether to travel Austria or not and we can ensure you that choosing this country as the travel destination will guarantee highest number of positive emotions.

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