Andorra is a landlocked state in southwes-tern Europe, situated on the border between France and Spain. It consists of deep valleys and gorges, surrounded by moun-tains. Winter lasts about 6 months, with heavy snowfalls, spring and summer are warm. One third of the population lives in the capital. Tourism with more than 11.000.000 visitors a year, trade and banking are the main activities. Exported are clothing, mine-ral water and cattle.

Andorra is a principality and the population of about 66.000 inhabitants live in an area of about 470 square kilometers. The languages spoken are Spanish, Catelan and French.

There are only 2 roads leading to Andorra la Vella, one from France and one from Spain. The is no airport and no railway station, only a bus station.

So tiny that most people would have trouble pinpointing it on a map of Southern Europe, Andorra lies deep in the Pyrenees mountains between Spain and France. Although skiing and duty-free shopping are the reasons most Europeans travel there, this little principality is a wonderful destination for hikers and travelers who enjoy those untrammeled places that still exist in Europe.Since its first lift was installed in 1957, Andorra has grown into one of the largest skiing provinces in Europe. Straddling the Pyrenees Mountains at a peak elevation of 2,946 meters, this mountainous country wedged in between France and Spain has three main alpine resorts: Grandvalira, Ordino-Arcalis, and Pal-Arinsal. Between them you’ll find downhill, slalom, and cross-country skiing facilities, snowshoe trails, snowmobile paths, helicopter tours… even snow-bike rental! A lively après-ski scene takes over at dusk.

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