Hello and Welcome to Albania travel guide! Once one of the world’s most closed-off and strictly controlled countries, Albania was left with no friends at all after shunning both the Soviets and the Chinese for being ‘revisionist’ to the ideals of Stalinism. But now it’s one of Europe‘s fastest growing economies.

A few eyebrows were raised when Lonely Planet chose Albania as its Top Destination for 2011, but those in the know were not surprised at all. From its virgin sandy beaches the length of its to architectural treasures such as the ancient ruins at Butrint, Albania is a unique destination with plenty to offer the more adventurous tourist.Prices are cheap, the country is increasingly accessibly with budget flights and day trips possible from Corfu, and, far from being a dangerous place to visit, most visitors leave with memories of warm hospitality and great food.

Albania is a country situated in the southern part of Europe on the Adriatic Sea. It is mountainous, with coastal plains which support half the population.

The economy is based mainly on agriculture and mining, chiefly chromite.

The population of about 3.500.000 Albanians live in an area of about 29.000 square kilometers and languages spoken are: Albanian and Greek.

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Whatever the reason for your visit, our online guides will help you navigate a country that has been widely reported from, yet remains all but unknown.

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Below is some useful travel information for visitors contemplating a trip to Albania, including suggestions on where and when to go, visa requirements, money used, information about Albania food and drink as well as a handy Travelers’ Dos and Don’ts list.


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  • Hello: Sabaii dee
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