So are You Planning to travel Europe but finding your Europe travel planning a real hassle? Worried that “Vacation Europe” may end up as an expensive or unsatisfying experience? Fear No Longer! … Here’s your friendly & comprehensive TRAVEL EUROPE GUIDE providing you with all the necessary guidance and free information you will require for your Europe travel.

Europe is yours to discover and experience. This online Europe travel guide opens the doors and walks the “Vacation Europe” planning route with you. Nice, Neat, Easy and Fast!

Think of me as your advance scout. These Travel Europe Guide pages are chock full of insider tips, hints, advice, secrets and strategies that we’ve collected while criss-crossing the British Isles and the Continent. We explored. We took notes. And We made mistakes – and learned from them – so that you don’t have to make the same errors, even if you are a first-time Europe traveler.

What comes to your mind when looking at a Map to Travel Europe? So many beautiful countries, so many glamourous cities, and so many possible itineraries. But before you jump on that plane headed to travel Europe, you need a travel plan. Your “Vacation Europe” plan should allow you to visit all the places on your Europe wish list without having to get a second mortgage on your home.

Travel Europe Guide takes you through all the necessary steps that you need to take in order to build your ideal Europe vacation plan. We will introduce you to Europe, help you draw up your dream itinerary, prepare a budget, and find the resources that cater to every sort of traveler – children, students, youth, adults, seniors – Everyone!

Travel to Europe and you will get the overwhelming idea of what it feels like to time travel. Walk on streets that are centuries old and tour buildings and monuments that you read about in history books, but then sip coffee on a patio at a modern outdoor cafe. Each country in Europe has its own story to tell which is why many people choose to tour several countries during their vacation.

Visit Greece, the birthplace of western culture, or tour Rome, the eternal city, and see first hand how these places created the framework for the developments that we have seen around the world.

In Europe a great variety of languages, cultures and traditions are found. This reflects in the politics, the military, the food, the clothing, the way of doiing business, the buildings, even in the traffic, every day life and the currencies.

Also the climate varies from tropical to polar and everything in between. You can climb huge mountains, track through large forests and steppe or relax at numerous sunny beaches.

It’s an adventure in time to discover the rich history of Europe and learn about heroic battles and wars, visit the castles and fortresses and the secret defense lines that are still in place.

When traveling to Europe there are many countries travelers will enjoy visiting including Italy, France, Germany and Spain which are rich in history, culture and fascinating attractions. A trip to Europe isn’t about just “getting away” but more about having an experience. When you visit places like Dubrovnik, Croatia, referred to as the “Pearl of the Atlantic” it’s as if you are seeing beauty for the first time. In Amsterdam, The Netherlands, guests can walk along romantic canals and see the imposing architecture of the city. A perfect balance of history and modernization is found in places throughout Europe.

There is more than just history in Europe and many travelers have discovered the unparalleled skiing in Switzerland, the inviting beaches of the French Riviera and the cultural mecca of Milan, Italy. As you’re touring Europe you’ll find a host of lodging accommodations. Luxury hotels, restored historical buildings that have been turned into inns and bed and breakfasts or even economical hostels. Whether backpacking through Europe on a budget or enjoying an indulgent trip with the people you love, there are a wide variety of things to do in Europe. Attractions like the Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Roman Coliseum are just examples of the landmarks worth seeing.

England, France, Italy, Spain and Greece are some of the phenomenal places that beg to be explored for both their history and their modern day charm. Breathtaking views, amazing food and unique culture are just waiting for you to discover. Take a guided tour of the most famous places, spend a day shopping in the local market and an evening enjoying classic entertainment when you make plans to travel to Europe.

The Europe Travel Guides are constantly updated, so come back to get the latest versions.

West European Travel

From the cafés of Paris to the red light district of Amsterdam, from the Bavarian beer halls of Germany to the glitz of the French Riviera, West Europe offers delectable Belgian chocolates and fine French wines, heart-pounding discos in Berlin and opera houses in Vienna.

Whether it’s Versailles’s history or quirky attractions like Manneken Pis in Brussels, an evening sing along in Cologne (German optional) or wandering the streets of Avignon once graced by Popes, the jewels of EU await.

We’ll check out Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

North European Travel

From the breathtaking fjords of Norway to the sophistication of Stockholm, the Northern Lights and white summer nights in Lapland, cool Copenhagen and Finland’s funky festivals, Northern Europe is a region of extremes in climate, attractions, activities and attitudes.

Learn to navigate these Nordic and Scandinavian cultures with tools to help you plan a trip to Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark or Iceland, and introduce you to fun things to do while visiting the countries. If you’re curious about where to stay while you’re away, or what unique foods and drinks to sample in Northern Europe, we’ve got you covered there, too.

South European Travel

Southern Europe is your doorway to European lifestyle and la dolce vita. Along with travel advice on everything from local food to Mediterranean island hopping, you’ll find Tuscan villas, romantic cruises and charming hotels in Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Cyprus, Malta, Vatican City, Andorra, Gibraltar and San Marino.

Just think of all the travelers’ hotspots here: The Grand Canal, Coliseum, Parthenon, Alhambra, Delphi, Monte Carlo, Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”, Lake Como, Pompeii, Capri, the Rock of Gibraltar, the Matterhorn…and that’s only a few of the places we’ll visit traveling through Southern Europe’s storied past and present.

East European Travel

From skiing in Bulgaria’s mountains to basking on Croatia islands, from tucked-away Slovak castles to Hungary’s Communist architecture, from Krakow Old Town to Belgrade’s splavs, this travel guide will revolutionise your Eastern Europe exploration.

Whether you are travelling through on the Mongol Rally or just here for the Georgian cuisine, Russia and Eastern Europe is a vast, diverse and unpredictable adventure. Come with an open mind, a patient nature and an alcohol tolerance level to get the most out of this fascinating region.

Whether it’s traversing Russia on the Trans-Siberian, wandering through the Baltic States or exploring the Balkan coast, Eastern Europe and Russia has highlights for all.

The Silk Routes of Eastern Europe have been replaced by energy-rich presidential whims, while the Caucasus continues to boil with tribal disquiet. Moldova hosts a Stalinist state within a state, as Ukraine grapples with its East-West identity, all watched by Mother Russia, still the main influence. Away from the glitz of Moscow, the wilds of Siberia and the Russian heartlands are full of legends and folklore.

2017 marks 26 years of post-Soviet life and 31 years since Chernobyl.

Articles, written by those in the know, will transport you from Baltic States to Balkan coast. We’ll show you magical cities like Ljubljana and Tallinn, where to sip coffee in Hungary or drink beer in the Czech Republic, and where to relax in Budapest spas or on the Black Sea coast. We’ll feature practical travel topics to help you en route too, such as sourcing cheap airfares.

We cover 15 countries with insights into well-known destinations like Prague or Moscow, plus secrets like Estonian islands or hidden Slovak castles. We’ll feature practical topics to help you on your travels, from finding the cheapest airfare from Bratislava to Vilnius to bargaining on memorable souvenirs at a St Petersburg market.

Eastern Europe and Russia is still a secret for some travelers, so join us to uncover the best bits first.

Middle East Travel

This is your gateway to the Middle East, an area stretching from Turkey to Tajikistan; Kazakhstan to Yemen. It’s where time began, where Judaism, Christianity and Islam had their roots and where the great civilizations were born.

Travel ancient trails from Jerusalem to where Jesus Christ was baptized by the River Jordan, discover Petra or make the pilgrimage from Damascus to Mecca. Explore Syria’s Crusader castles, join Marco Polo on the Silk Road to Samarkand or trek with camels, like Lawrence of Arabia, across the Wadi Rum.

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