Usually associated with the war that took place in its jungles in the 1970s, Vietnam is a country of spectacular natural beauty, a resilient people, delicious cuisine and rice terraces, floating markets, dense jungles and beautiful coastlines.  Vietnam has come a long way from the war that nearly destroyed it. Now a proud country welcomes visitors to some of the most beautiful beaches and impressive mountain areas in the East.

Whether you want to visit the bustling streets of Hanoi, visit a World Heritage site at the jaw-dropping beautiful Hal Long Bay, visit the stomping grounds of Vietnamese kings at the scenic coast town of Hoi An, or adventure into the Central Highlands, Vietnam has a lot to offer everything from a casual tourist to the serious adventurer. Plus, with their delicious, fresh dishes like pho (a beef stew with rice noodles, lime, bean sprouts and chilies) and perfectly spiced vegetable stir fries, fresh seafood and French influenced coffee, pastries and bread, you’ll be in culinary heaven in this beautiful, diverse and historically rich country.

Whether you like to travel luxuriously or are a shoe-string budget backpacker, a trip to Vietnam will please you. We’ve got great deals on airfare to Vietnam to get your vacation started. Once you’ve booked your flight you can research and book the right accommodation for you right here on our site—whether you are looking for a beachside luxury resort, mid-range hotel or budget hostel. Once you’ve arrived in this lush and humid destination, we can also help you find how to spend your time in Vietnam. You can visit the fabulous beaches, venture into the jungles, take a tour that will show you all of highlights, hang out in Ho Chi Minh City or visit the stunning home of the Vietnamese kings at Hoi An.

In the pages of Trifter Vietnam you’ll find everything you need to plan a fantastic vacation from start to finish. On the hunt for the best deals on airfare? Not sure what the climate is like? Want to know what Tet is and how the Vietnamese celebrate their New Year? Looking for the best hotel in Hanoi? Want to know how to navigate local culture and find the hidden gems of Vietnam that most guidebooks skip? Want to know what to eat while you’re traveling? All you have to do is learn a few basic phrases in Vietnamese, pack your bag and join this community of Vietnam lovers and travelers!

Travel around Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in the company of our travelling writers, taste the delicious Vietnamese food with its French influences, read about the tomb of Uncle Ho and the beauty of the capital, Hanoi, the tunnels where the Vietnam soldiers hid out, and the Museums you can visit to fill in the gaps in history.

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