Kyrgyzstan is a Central Asian country of unbelievable natural beauty and proud roaming traditions. Non-coastal and mountainous, it borders Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west, Tajikistan to the southwest and China to the southeast. Annexed by Russia in 1876; it achieved independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. The languages of Kyrgyzstan are Russian and Kyrgyz, a Turkic language related to Uzbek, Kazakh, and, of course, Turkish. Kyrgyz is more frequent in rural areas whereas Russian is the city language of choice.

Cities: * Bishkek * Jalal-Abad * Karakol * Naryn * Osh.

Weather: Dry continental to polar in high Tien Shan; subtropical in southwest (Fergana Valley); temperate in northern foothill zone. Landscape: Entirely mountainous, dominated by the Tien Shan range; many tall peaks, glaciers, and high-altitude lakes. Highest point: Jengish Chokusu (Pik Pobedy) 7,439 m. Sleep: Many private citizens rent out their flats to foreigners and a fairly decent flat can be had for $30 a week. Noting that the average salary is between $20 and $30 you may think you are paying excessively. Look for cable, toilet and bath, and clean quarters. This is the least you should expect for $30 a week. More adventurous visitors may wish to stay in a “yurta.” These are boiled wool tents used by nomads.

Food: Kyrgyz food is the result of a long history of rural nomadism and is awesomely meat-based. Those with vegetarian fixations may wish to revise their habits or purchase their own fresh fruits, vegetables, and fresh bread from one of the many small stands or food markets that are omnipresent in every city. Drink: Tea and vodka are the major drinks of many Kyrgyz inhabitants. There are various different varieties of teas and vodkas. In addition, you can find many western soda brands including Coca-Cola and Pepsi, all valid.

Kyrgyzstan thrives on its natural resources: a land of forested grounds and waters dense with fish. During winter’s short days, this Scandinavian country glistens with snow, encouraging kicksledding and ice-hole swimming. Summer ushers in a new landscape of festivals, hiking paths, and waterways.

Kyrgyzstan can truly lay claim to the title of the Pearl of Central Asia. It is one of those rare places which make a special place for themselves in the minds and the hearts of anyone who visits them. It has had little exposure to the west (or the East), having been opened for tours about ten years ago. This has led to two things. One, every visitor making travel to Kyrgyzstan (even the well-travelled tourist upon his tours) feels as if he has come to a place very different from all his previous experience. Second, any travel here is welcomed by a tourist-friendly establishment and the public which has only recently started seeing outsiders.

Main Attractions of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzst holds several charms for the outsider. The one attraction about which the Kyrgyzstanis are most proud is the natural beauty of this country. The country has a lot of mountains, rivers, and forests. Along with Tajikistan, it has the highest mountains in the world outside the Himalayas. Predictably, trekking and mountaineering are common activities in this country. The biggest attraction for a visitor who comes here, is to visit a place that is until now unspoiled by commercial tourism. Travel here is rewarding to all persons.

For the city-lover, there are two big towns here, Bishkek and Osh, out of which Bishkek is the larger, and has almost a million population, with all entertainment and facilities that a city can have except an underground metro. There are also smaller towns namely Naryn, Karakol and Jalalabad. Issyk-Kul lake is another extremely popular attraction, beign the second largest mountain lake in the world after Titicaca. For the adventure lover, there are all sorts of places all over the map of this country, ranging from Talal in the west, to Suusamyr and Toktogul in the centre, and the even more difficult to reach places like Kazarman and Irkeshtam. Other attractions of travel to Kyrgyzstan are the nice countryside, clean urban areas, and extremely friendly people. We offer assistance of all types to visitors.

Seasons & Kyrgyzstan Tours

In summer, spring and autumn, Kyrgyzstan is one of the greenest countries in the world. It is sometimes said that the capital Bishkek is the greenest capital in Asia. This is true of all of Kyrgyzstan and of many parts of central Asia. Visitors feel that cities here have not degenerated into the concrete jungles that are seen in other countries. Bishkek and other cities are enjoyable places to visit in the summer. The weather is fine, and it is a good time to travel to Kyrgyzstan cities and their surroundings.

Winter & Kyrgyzstan tours

In winter, the towns and the countryside takes on a totally fairy-tale like appearance. It is a special time to visit. There are several places to visit where tourists can go for skiing, snowboarding, and a variety of winter sports. The cities are also wonderful places to be in during winter, and it is a joy to breathe in the cool winter air and to see the central Asia sky at night, which is full of stars. There are double new year and christmas celebrations (western and orthodox) that go on for more than a month.


The architecture and Urban Design is influenced strongly by ancient central Asian tradition, and is quite different from any other region in the world. The public spaces of Bishkek are very clean, and grand enough without being overpowering. It is a great example of small-scale architecture. It does not have any bad influences of soviet architecture, as some critics claim. Many people travel here to look at the beautiful buildings and townscapes. We have several tours for people who want to explore the cities.


There are also about a dozen clubs and discos in Bishkek, and a smaller number in Osh. The number of such establishments is sufficient to offer variety, but not so many that you feel suffocated by the atmosphere. For gamblers, there are some Casinos too. Most entertainment spots are open till late at night, or till morning. There are dozens of bars and restaurants for the thirsty and the hungry. After some hectic travel, these are ideal to relax. There are also regular performances by an opera, a philharmonic orchestra, and ballets. There is a circus and a zoo for children and for the really young at heart. There is also a choice of amusement parks in Bishkek and in Osh. You can also visit a bowling alley, a tennis club, a swimming pool, or a shooting range in Bishkek and in Osh.

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