If you are in Southeast Asia, then you should make a trip to the Borneo Island and go to Brunei, the Abode of Peace.

With the South China Sea, bordering the place, the Sarawak State of Malaysia, surrounds it and the region of Limbang divides the place into two. This sovereign state on the Borneo Island is a part of Borneo and the remainder belongs to Indonesia and Malaysia.


Origins tracing back to 7th century, Brunei was a subject state in the empire of Srivijayan and was known as the P’o-li. Then it was a part of the Majaphahi Empire and then got converted to Islam in the 15th century. Ferdinand Magellan started the thalassocracy in the year 1521 and then the Castille War broke out with Spain. Then the empire deteriorated and Brunei came under the British in the 18th century. In the year 1984, Brunei became an independent kingdom, and Brunei Darussalam is a rapidly progressing industrial country today.

With the Human Development Index here ranking second in the South East Asian countries, this is today a developed country with the gross domestic product per capita ranking fourth here.

Brunei can be accessed by the Brunei International Airport by air, and also has ferry services at Muara which is connected to the Labuan Island in Malaysia. The Tutong Muara highway connects Brunei by road and today the main sea port is at Muara. Brunei exports petroleum products today.

Brunei International Airport

Brunei International Airport. Image Source: cai.sg

The dubious distinction of being the highest car ownership country the reasons have been cited as low import tax, low maintenance, absence of a transport system, and low cost of petrol.

Melayu Brunei is the official language in this country and many places also use Malay. Malay spoken in Brunei is different from the normal and some amount of Chinese and English is also spoken. A mixed language called Bahasa Rojak is spoken here. Besides local languages like Murut, Dusun, Iban are also spoken. English also is a widely spoken language here.

Regarding Brunei ethnicity, we find a mix of Chinese, Malay, Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity here. The official religion is Islam and the head of the religious field is the Sultan.

brunei culture

Image Source: hallo.tl

Brunei culture is mainly Malay and has lot of Islam influence too. The Old Malay World is where the culture takes its roots and the Malay civilization originated from the Malay Archipelago. Culture here stems from Hinduism, Islam, the West and Animism.

Brunei is a Sharia country so alcohol is not permitted here. Even non Muslims are debarred from purchasing alcohol.
Some notable Bruneians are Wu Chun, Hill, Eqah, D’Hask, Craig Adams, Ali Sani, and many others.

Music in Brunei is also varied and interesting. The folk music the Adai Adai which is a group song sung during work. The fisher folk sing it. The Benari is another dance danced by the folk men. There is the Joget Baju Putih which is danced during the time of festive occasions.

Adai Adai traditional dance Burnei

Adai Adai traditional dance Burnei

With its interesting past, developed present and positive future, Brunei is an intriguing mix of culture and tradition.