Australia is a huge landmass that provides a stable government for the outlying islands. The mainland is a vibrant mix of cultures and makes a valiant effort to be modern without losing tradition. Known for its unique wildlife, Australia is home to the kangaroo and the wallaby but also is responsible for much of the merino wool and beef that is consumed around the world. It is also home to 25,000 different species of plants and the Great Barrier Reef that is exploding with unique water creatures. The culture scene is primarily in the capital city of Sydney and is marked by the famous Sydney Opera House in Sydney Harbor. Whether visiting Australia for an exploration of the Barrier Reef, a tour of the Outback or to learn more about the spiritual indigenous people called the Aborigines, a visit to Australia is well worth the investment.

When visiting Australia it’s wise to consult a travel guide to determine which places are worth seeing and what hotels put them closest to the attractions that are of the most interest. The sheer diversity of landscapes and culture make for many choices. Sailing the Great Barrier Reef, Yarra Valley Wine Tastings, Swan Valley Wine Cruises in Perth and cliff top walks between Bondi and Coogee beaches are just a few of the attractions worth seeing when in Australia.

For adventure lovers, Australia has many interesting places to visit including the Outback and Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand. As diverse as these two climates are, they both provide incredible adventure and thrill for the visitor. In the Outback, it’s about experiencing life as an Australian Cowboy and learning how to handle sheep and cattle. In Franz Josef, it’s a guided walk in the caves of the glacier. Another thrill is taking a guided tour and boat ride through Waitomo Caves and seeing “bubbling mud.” Each of these adventures is available to guests of all ages that choose to vacation in Australia.

Melbourne is a city rich in culture. Guests to this city in Australia will find fabulous five star restaurants, art galleries and museums that are unparalleled in quality and design. The hotels in Melbourne are tasteful and pride themselves with offering the finest amenities. Melbourne is also home to Phillip Island where visitors can take a day tour and watch penguins, koalas and kangaroos play in their natural environment. Helicopter tours of Uluru and Kings Canyon are also fun excursions to take part in when staying “down under.”

With an extremely diverse landscape and culture throughout the country, guests will find just a wide variety of hotel accommodations to choose from. Lodge style resorts near the Outback, luxury hotels with views of the Sydney Harbor or beach front villas are all available to book a stay in. Australian culture is unique and a true experience to discover.

Australia is a vast country with a range of environments from snowfields to tropical rainforests, deserts, wetlands, beaches and dry inland saltpans like Lake Eyre which occasionally spring into life as a massive lake attracting huge numbers of birdlife.

Australia’s population mainly lives in the capital cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Darwin and Canberra. Canberra, the national capital, is inland, but all other capital cities are situated on the coast, while the outback areas are sparsely populated.

Find out about places to visit, things to do, where to eat, shop, areas of aboriginal significance, Australia’s natural wonders, zoos and animal experiences, museums, festivals and much more. It is a big country that offers many wonderful and unique experiences.

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