Africa is a diverse and intoxicating continent from its southern tip in Cape Town to the northern deserts and ancient histories of Egypt and Morocco. Whether we follow the Zambezi from its source in Zambia through Angola, along the border of Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe to Mozambique, where it empties into the Indian Ocean or traverse Africa’s dense rain forests, enjoy wildlife safari’s or relax at inland fishing villages, there is enough to captivate every traveler.

As a continent Africa is complex with diverse culture and boasting of breathtaking scenery. Northern Africa encompasses many countries that are rich in history. The beautiful beaches of Morocco provide an exotic aura of romance and allure. The history rich Egypt along the Red Sea teems with culture and majestic pyramids. The southern regions of Tanzania and South Africa are filled with much culture and scenic beauty that one will stand in awe. The landscapes of Africa are nothing short of mesmerizing. Both wildly adventurous and lazily indulgent, a trip to Africa can meet the desires of all types of travelers. Family friendly safaris, romantic weekends or tours of historic Egypt are all options when making plans to visit Africa.

For families traveling to Africa there are many adventures to choose from. Visit Kenya and stay in a safari lodge and allow the children to go to “bush school” with a trained Massai guide. They will learn more in thirty minutes with their Massai guide then even they could imagine. Tour the Samburu National Reserve or the Sibiloi National Park and be apart of exciting game drives. Families may also enjoy an adventure trip to Tanzania and experience first hand the annual wildebeest migration or go trekking in search of chimpanzees. Tanzania is also home to Mt. Kilimijara, the highest mountain in Africa, as well as Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika. There are many resort lodges in this part of Africa that provide modern amenities for guests to enjoy while on their African safari.

Africa also has many places for romantic getaways including remote islands and resort lodges located deep in the wilderness. The private island of Medjumbe in the Quirimbas Archipelago in Mozambique is secluded enough that guests will feel like it belongs to them. Nambia is also a place with noble forests and teeming grasslands that provide quiet places for romantic nights.

As you look at a map of Africa it is obvious that there are many different landscapes within the continent. Gorgeous coastlines, desert plains, tall grass lands and mountains can all be toured and explored by curious visitors. With scenery only nature could create, guests will love the panoramic views that surround the hotels and resorts throughout the continent. Africa is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Victoria Falls, Mt Kilimanjara, the Red Sea, the Ivory Coast, and the incredible pyramids of Egypt are just a few of the sites to behold when visiting Africa. Each country boasts of its own national pride and welcomes visitors in their unique way. Visitors to Africa will certainly want to enlist the help of a travel guide so they don’t miss out on the history of each country and the opportunities to see the hidden treasures through out Africa. The complex diversity of the continent of Africa is most certainly part of its mystery and charm.

Explore the land and history from Ghana to Botswana, Cameroon to Swaziland, Ivory Coast to Tanzania, Kenya to Madagascar, Mozambique to the Seychelles, Togo to the Sahara. Don’t forget the islands of Goree and Zanzibar.

North Africa Travel

North Africa contains some of Africa’s most impressive and unusual locations. What is there to see? Vast desert landscapes, rugged mountains, mysterious cities and amazing wildlife. The traveler to North Africa will be mesmerized by ancient history, dazzled by vibrant markets, welcomed by diverse peoples and pampered in traditional ways of Africa.

Learn more about the hidden secrets of Ethiopia, delve into the history of Egypt, find out about bargain buys in Morocco, explore African rivers that few have even heard of. The visitor to Sudan can explore pyramid sites that whisper the secrets of Nubian kings.

Readers will also source information that is practical for travelers to Africa, such as how to purify water, how to be a responsible eco-tourist and how to take care of health when overlanding.

South Africa Tourism

In South Africa visitors can experience the magic of Africa without having to sacrifice any luxuries and conveniences. As the young people say – South Africa Rocks!

From watching the Big Five in one of the world’s biggest national parks or enjoying night game drives at a private lodge to relaxing on one of the many Blue Flag Beaches or surfing some of the world’s best waves in two oceans, South Africa Tourism has action, adrenalin and visual beauty. All this will ensure that visitors to this country are always enthralled and return over and over again.

Choose from South Africa’s varied cultural and wine routes or opt to experience the varied World Heritage Sites. Tourists may come to South Africa for the sightseeing and for the wildlife but they leave with the sounds of South Africa ringing in their years, the taste of its cuisine on their tongues and the warm smiles of its people in their hearts.

Visitors can select how they prefer to travel – first class all the way with accommodation in luxury hotels, resorts and lodges or they can do it the family way in self-catering accommodation or budget hotels and B&B’s. Backpackers will be delighted with the excellent facilities across the country and caravaners and campers will tell you that the location of the caravan parks in South Africa are the best in the world.

Five South Africa Tourism suggestions:

* Explore South Africa in Cape Town

Cape Town, known as the “Mother City,” sprawls at the foot of the African continent with Table Mountain towering above the city. Robben Island, in Table Bay was the home of former President Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners for many years during the apartheid regime – it is now open to visitors. This cosmopolitan city, with beaches on both the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, is perfect as a base for tours of the Western Cape, the Winelands and the Garden Route.

* Explore South Africa in Durban

Durban with its sub-tropical climate has 340 days a year sunshine. It’s a vibrant holiday city – beaches with white sand and rolling surf. This modern city of 3, 5 million, where East meets West in Africa is geared for tourists. Start here to explore Kwazulu-Natal.

* Big Five, Wildlife and Safari Experiences in South Africa

Safaris, game parks, reserves – most visitors come to South Africa to experience the wildlife. There are as many ways to do this as there are rhino in the Umfolozi Game Park.

  • Self drive. Rent a car and drive yourself and your family through one of the Game Reserves like Kruger National Park or Umfolozi. Make sure you book in advance.
  • Visit a private lodge or game reserve. Fly in or drive to a private Game Lodge where you get pampered and taken on game drives.
  • Package tour. This could include either of these or a combination.

* Wild Coast – taking a step back in time

The Wild Coast, on the East Coast of South Africa is a place of unspoiled beauty where waterfalls tumble directly into the warm sea. The Wild Coast offers endless opportunities for adventure travelers and anglers. Relax into a slower way of life in the small coastal towns of Port St Johns and Coffee Bay. Accommodation ranges from fisherman’s hideaways to fully serviced hotels.

* The Garden Route – fragrant and scenic

The Garden Route stretches on the southern coast from Heidelberg to the Tsitsikamma Forest and Storms River in the Cape Province. The region provides a study in contrasts. It is an eco-destination like few others in the world, situated about 280km from Cape Town and is one of South Africa’s richest botanical treasures. Along the way, every kind of adventure activity is possible; scuba diving, abseiling, fishing and more.

Sub-Sahara Africa Travel

Welcome to Sub-Sahara Africa Travel where the diversity of African cultures and scenery blend into a kaleidoscope of sights and sounds.

Journey to the wild, untamed wilderness areas of Africa south of the Sahara or experience the unique flavor of the African markets. Climb famous mountains or feel the spray of majestic waterfalls.

Take scenic wine tours through South Africa’s wine-lands, seek out the elusive Knysna elephants or be pampered during a luxury African Safari.

For the adventurous and budget conscious, tour the deserts or go off-road in a 4×4 to seek out the Big Five of Africa in the myriad of Nature Reserves scattered through the beautiful continent. Snorkel in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean at the unspoiled beaches.

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