Welcome to the world of Adventure! Just contemplate Africa, Asia, South America and the mind fills with images of thundering elephants, wild game running free, the beauty of the peoples and cultures, the tops of the snow capped mountains and vast ruins of civilizations before our time.

In the spirit of FUN, DISCOVERY and ADVENTURE, you can climb to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, ride donkeys into the Valley of the Kings, venture to the world of Timbuktu or trek the Inca trail of Machu Picchu, take a cruise to the Antarctic tip, raft the waters of Nepal or search out the reclusive tigers of India…and so much more. Hear the call of adventure – the world awaits you.

If you prefer mountains over monuments, or rafting over Renoir, begin exploring ideas for your next trip here. The classic destinations continue to evolve—think Costa Rica and New Zealand—while far-flung upstarts offer unique opportunities to explore pristine new ground.

Track some wildlife in Death Valley & the Mojave Desert. While you’re there, take a spooky side trip to one of the ghost towns that dot the valley.

Learn to surf on the North Shore of Oahu, or try some Scuba Diving or Snorkeling. Our 1-day itineraries can help you make the most of your down time.

Catch a plane to Costa Rica, where you can revel in the biodiversity of this verdant paradise, or catch a wave. The dive cruises to Coco Island are for serious divers only.

Visit Whistler for some cross-country or downhill skiing; if you plan ahead you might catch one of the many festivals and events that take place here.

Escape to New Zealand, where Queenstown and the Southern Alps are an adventure mecca. Bungy jumping, fly-fishing, and hiking are all top reasons to go.

Central Europe Adventure Travel

Central Europe… land of Mozart, waltzes, great culture, elegant cuisine and lush landscapes. Historic castles perch on hills and timelessly survey the valleys below. Elegant, culturally rich cities welcome us with their charm and history. Join us as we explore the best of “old” Europe.

ABCs of Adventure Travel

A – Address peel and stick labels for all your family and friends before you go. Then stick to postcards along the way and you’ll come home looking good.

B – Bottled water is a must – don’t drink anything else.

C – Cookbooks from your travels are always a great souvenir. Cook a dish from one when you have friends over to see your video and pictures

D – Digital cameras save the day; their small and you never run out of film

E – Expect excitement; go with anticipation, not trepidation

F – Food is fun, try something you’ve never eaten before like zebra pate or Australian wine

G – Give generous tips, especially in poor countries, you’ll be so glad you did

H – Hang out with the locals. Get to know a new person on your trip and get a photo with them

I – Inform someone at home of your itinerary

J – Journal every day. Can you remember now what you did last week?

K – Kids love it when you have packed little surprises to open along the way

L – Learn something: Take a pasta making course in Italy, Scuba diving in Argentina or Belly dancing in Bagdad (just kidding)!

N – Note the local artisans and buy something authentic

O – One substantial souvenir is better than a lot of small things. Then ship it home to lighten your luggage

P – Postcards will rescue you when your photography fails. You can never have too many

Q – Questions help you get the most out of all you see and experience.

R – Read before you leave. Read lots of books about your destination. Find out who the local best sellers are, and read one of their books.

S – Scrapbook within the first week of getting home

T – Travel as light as humanly possible. Dragging luggage is no fun.

U – Unpack as soon as you get home.

V – Vaccinations and certain medications are necessary in some countries – be sure to check with the World Health Organization about what you need.

W – Whining never fixes anything – buck up and deal with the differences

X – exchange your currency at the airport or a bank and be sure you understand the value of your money

Y – You are the one who will make or break your adventure. Plan to be positive

Z – Zero in on one or two experiences and squeeze the most out of them. Adventure overload will leave you confused.

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