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World Travel Guides

Travel guides help a tourist in finding out lots of details about his destination as how to reach, when to go, what to see, where to stay and lots more. When preparing to go on vacation a travel guide is a valuable resource as you determine where to stay, and what attractions are worth taking the time to see. Vacation planning can be exhausting and confusing but a travel guide can provide travel tips, information on the importance of travel insurance and provide detailed information on the safety of traveling to specific locations world wide. Travel guides give you an opportunity to read reviews on a host of luxury hotels, all inclusive resorts and even the destination cities.

Travel guides are great tool for families, couples and can even business travel. Users can look for hotel deals; check out the amenities offered at hotels and resorts as well as read reviews on popular attractions near their preferred city. Use the guide to research the top 10 destinations, popular travel spots and even find discount hotel rates. Some travel guides can help you arrange flights, book reservations and determine what activities are available at your destination. There are also specific travel guides available, such as: honeymoon planning, family friendly locations, senior specials and also for the gay and lesbian communities. Travel guides are a resource tool that can point potential travelers in the right direction and alleviate potential mishaps.

Vacations, extended business trips and adventure treks are all events that require planning. By enlisting the help of a travel guide, travelers can be aware of the places to avoid, restaurants that shouldn’t be missed and attractions that are worth the money. Travel guides can also help determine what routes to take to get there, the most helpful resource tools available and point you in the direction of good deals on rental cars and even renting adventure vehicles during your stay. Find out if that helicopter tour was really worth it or if the botanical gardens are really lush or just a small row of tulips when you take the time to research your destination by using our travel guide.

Travel Insurance is often overlooked when making travel plans but it is important to have especially when booking a cruise or a vacation to a place that is predisposed to hazardous weather. Travel insurance options are available online and there are many affordable plans available to meet your budget needs and still protect your investment. Traveling oversees is another example of a time when travel insurance would be wise to acquire. Some may wonder if it is a necessary expense, but it is much better to be safe than sorry when spending time and money on a vacation experience.

Whether you desire to book a stay at a villa by the beach, a lodge style resort and safari in Africa or a trek through the Amazon jungle, using a travel guide will help take the guess work out of planning your trip.

There’s just so many amazing places and so little time (and money!). Having to choose from the literally word wide selection of alluring destinations can prove to be one of the heaviest decisions you’ve made yet!

What we’ve done to make this hectic undertaking much less of a mission, is provide some info on each country including the top five attractions, an indication of the best times to visit, plus a clue of the dreaded cost factor. We’ve even provided a listing of the cities within each country, as well as the index below of all the favourite cities featured along the backpacker trail. Each of the cities listed are jammed packed with info on how to get the most out of it on a shoestring. Stuff like, free attractions (or nearly free attractions), cheap eats, cool bars and clubs and even a daily budget should help you out a section.

Whether you prefer to jet-set in style to Tokyo or land in Ulan Bataar with little more than a map, our professional travel writers give you the lay of the land from a local’s perspective.

From the cathedrals and castles of Eastern Europe and Russia to the jungles and wildlife of South America, from the vast and varied expanse of Africa to the urban nightlife and street culture of the four corners of the US, discover another world.

Check your calendars for customs and holidays, international events, and recommendations to restaurants, galleries, outdoor activities, and traditional festivities sure to make your next voyage more than a postcard.

World Travel guide books

There are hundreds of world guide travel books and magazines available in the market. Some of the best ones to refer are First-Time Around the World by Doug Lansky (Rough Guides), The Global Adventurer’s Handbook by John Malarkey, A Globe-Trotter’s Guide by Frederick Fisher, Overland and Beyond – Advice for Overland Travelers by Theresa and Jonathan Hewat, The Round the World Air Guide by Katie Wood & George McDonald and Overland by Peter Fraenkel. All these books can be brought from or any other online book store.

Travel guides to worldwide destinations

Travel guides are available in the form of travel books, itineraries, state published guides, online travel guides etc. But compared to travel books that are generally very costly the online travel guides are quite popular among tourists. This is because most online travel guides are free to access and present much needed information along with valid tips and pointers. In addition to this online travel guides also have sections for user reviews, traveler stories, online travel forums, pictures and useful articles that come in handy to the traveler. Discussed below are some popular websites that offer travel guides online.

Online travel guides

There are many websites that offer online travel guide for free online access. Most do not even require a membership. Some good websites that offer online travel guides are,,, and

Travel guides can be considered the best ways to know about a tourist spot or destination. A typical travel guide can present a tourist with all necessary information such as best times to visit, places to see, things to do, hotels, restaurants, important contact numbers, destination maps and a lot more. This is the reason why a travel guide can be considered as a tourist’s best friend.

So refer to Trifter Travel Guide or any of these travel guides to get a good idea about your destination and you are sure to enjoy your vacation to the maximum.